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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Jul 16, 2017

Use Vacation to Rest and Recharge

Our lives get busier every year.  The mere idea of taking a break seems to be harder to conceive each year as well.  This filled to the brim approach to life is not just for adults.  Kids have a full plate of options during the extended break.  The options range from traditional summer camps to ways to improve their athletic and academic skills to chances to learn new skills.

It is easier than ever to keep our children busy during the Summer.  However, this misses a key point of the break.  There needs to be time to reflect, rest, and refocus.  The school year drains our kids as much as it does us.  Thus, those little brains and bodies need to find some rest and not be tossed into the next activity.  Not only does this constant activity approach to life burn them out, it also makes it harder to have family time and events.  Take a break and enjoy the Summer at least a little bit.

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