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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Aug 3, 2017

Focus is Fine in Moderation

In past episodes, we have looked at the problems that can arise from pushing our children towards specialization early in life.  Whether we are looking at academic or athletic pursuits, burnout can hit early in life when we push too hard.  However, these warnings do not mean that we should keep our kids from sticking with things for a time.

We live in a task driven society and can be tempted to push (or help) our children to accomplish tasks quickly.  This approach can miss the point of some tasks. There are times where the journey is the most important part of a task.  Thus, rushing to the end will entirely miss the point.  When we spoon feed our children through activities so they can skip ahead to the end we minimize the problem-solving skills that can be learned.  Do not be afraid of some "quiet" or "alone" time for your children.  Sometimes the best thing to do is allow them to work through things on their schedule.

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