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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Jul 25, 2017

Succes is More Likely When you Schedule Tasks

We have covered topics like rebooting your life and finding time for these new goals.  Now it is time to look at how to bring those dreams to reality.  A great tool for making steady progress on anything is to schedule it.  We plan important things like doctor appointments all the time.  However, we seem to leave many things to be done "when we get to it."

This random approach to our aspirations is a great way to live a life unfulfilled.  That is not to be over-dramatic.  Instead, it is a logical progression.  When we leave things to be done when time permits they simply do not get done.  Our schedule fills with things that rise to the importance of being on our schedule.  Even worse, we will our time with these activities.  Schedule an hour long meeting slot for fifteen minutes of content and see how long the meeting goes.  We do this throughout our life.  That is why our junk drawers and storage closets are always overflowing.

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