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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Aug 8, 2017

Finishing Can Be a Decision

We have all heard that winners never quit.  What about the times when a child does not care to win?  These times do not make the child a quitter, just someone that wants to move on.  It does not make sense to force a child to eat all the food in front of them when they are full.  Likewise, it serves no purpose to encourage a child to continue an activity they do not like.  Yes, there are times when chores and other unwelcome activities are required.  However, this discussion is focused on activities done for enjoyment such as academic or athletic pursuits.

A continued push to finish an activity may lead to burnout or a complete dislike for the task.  There are commitments children make to school and team members, but when those have been fulfilled they should not be held to something that is no longer fun.  Allow your child to experiment and decide when they are done rather than holding them to an arbitrary time frame or commitment.

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