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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Jul 13, 2017

Getting Better in a Busy Life

When we talked about a life reboot, it was left as something easier said than done.  Finding time to exist is hard enough, but make improvements?  It just cannot be done.  Nevertheless, in this episode, we look at the areas to review in your life assessment.  We step back and take a look at the forest instead of staring at the trees.  Then we move to some ways that we can find time to make these desired improvements.  Time management is a topic that will be covered in greater depth in future.  However, I wanted to give you a few starting suggestions.

Finding time to do anything in our busy lives can be a challenge.  However, when we look at where we spend our time, we will likely find some areas that can be improved.  Maybe we waste time that can be reclaimed to be happier.  Maybe we spend time on activities that can be batched or automated.  We also end this episode with a challenge instead of a joke.  It is time to get serious about living a better life.

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