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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Jun 27, 2017

Wait for Obedience Don't Demand It

One of the struggles parents have is obedience from tweens and teens.  Yes, they do tend to tune us out and forget what we have asked.  However, we also tend to look for an immediate response rather than allow them time to comply.  They have tasks and goals just as we do.  Thus, they get frustrated with our interruptions and requests to "drop everything" so they can get a chore completed.  Rather than pounce on them for not immediately responding, allow them time to complete what they are doing and then get that chore done. 

This approach is what we want for ourselves so why not give them the same respect.  It may not only reduce tension in the house, it may also increase mutual respect.  Of course, this also allows you to ask them to "chill" when they have an immediate demand of you.  That respect goes both ways.

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