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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Jun 15, 2017

Casey Palmer Interview - Part 3

We wrap up our conversation with Casey Palmer with a look at his life as a blogger and future plans.  We also discuss what he has learned in his short time as a father.  Watch out, he has learned one of the greatest lessons already.  This final part of the interview is packed full of nuggets of information with a sprinkling of humor on top.  As parents, we often focus on the first time, but there is also the last time to remember.  We discuss staying in the present and letting the future take care of itself.  The last time comes too soon.

You can learn more about Casey on his site.  Otherwise, check him out on TwitterFacebookInstagram, or YouTube.  Drop him a line and tell him how much you like him.  Negative feedback is allowed, but let's be honest, he is too wicked-awesome for that.

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