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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Jun 1, 2017


Casey Palmer is a Dad blogger in Canada.  Actually, he is more than that.  His articles cover a wide range of topics and I think almost anyone will find relevant topics discussed on his site.  In this episode, we get an introduction to Casey Palmer and his family life.  Although his situation may be very different from yours, I think you will still see how families of any kind have a lot of similarities.  We cover some specifics like life in the big city.  We even discuss how young kids are equal to spending time in the weight room "pumping iron."

You can learn more about Casey on his site.  Otherwise, check him out on Twitter , Facebook , Instagram, or YouTube.  Drop him a line and tell him how much you like him.  Negative feedback is allowed, but let's be honest, he is too wicked-awesome for that.

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