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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

May 11, 2017

Stay In Their Life

As we continue the interview with Craig Daliessio we spend some time discussing the impact of divorce.  As I was editing this episode it occurred to me that Craig is truly a giant among men when it comes to being a Dad.  He may truly be the "ultimate dad."  He had every opportunity to bail out.  However, he took his role as a Father seriously and stayed committed to it.  In this discussion, Craig goes through mindset as he realized divorce was going to be his reality.  We talk about how his daughter has shown great inner strength to become the young lady she is and see where that inner strength likely came from.

Craig has written a couple of books including his latest, "Nowhere to lay my head."  We talk about the forward in this series, but the book is more than worth a read.  Check out his website for more information at  Also, you can find this book and his past ones that tie real life experiences and excellent story-telling into unforgettable reads.

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