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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Apr 23, 2017

That is Not My Child

One of the challenging times in a parenting career is when a child does something completely out of character.  This always seems to be a bad thing.  It is not often I hear a parent say that a success is "not like my child."  The claim that it is not your child is obviously incorrect as it is your child that just performed the action.  However, the action can be completely out of character for the child and something they never do again.
Although the action may be a challenge to deal with, you should also look for a reason why.  Sometimes these out-of-character actions point to struggles that require parental involvement.  It may be to guide your child through difficult times, teach them how to cope, or give them a tool.  Look beyond the action itself and make sure there is not additional work to be done to get your child back on track and avoid one time slips from becoming the norm.
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