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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Mar 21, 2017

When Siblings Parent

Sometimes siblings gang up on each other.  This ganging up was a regular occurrence in our family for a few years.  The older ones were trying out their "responsible adult" personas by nit-picking the youngest.  These sort of situations can become very hard for a child to deal with.  A home needs to feel safe and allow a child to relax and be their self.  When ganging up occurs it can remove the child's ability to retreat somewhere safe and cause long term harm.

Whether the ganging up is due to personality differences, parenting confusion, or other reasons, it should be addressed.  Talk to your children about what is acceptable and point out that they are bullying their sibling.  It might help to use your parental powers to tip the scales.  These are the cases where you should step in and defend the out-numbered child.  Letting everyone know that you are on the case provides an excellent example.  Better yet, it gives support to the one child while teaching the gang.

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