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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Mar 16, 2017

An Easy Adoption

In part two of the interview with Michael Meloche we talk about the adoption of his daughter Jessie.  We go into some of the events that made them decide that adopting was the right choice.  Nevertheless, there were potential struggles with an absent parent.  Also, we look at why some things work best when you enlist the aid of an expert.

We then move on to parenting when you are new to the job.  In this situation, we have a parent that is experienced and been around for the life of the child.  This situation makes them a new-comer to the party.  Thus, the parent relationship is not equal between the parents.  However, we see where a good relationship with a child can help smooth over the bumps as we guide them through life.  As always, we see where the key to good parenting is loving your child and them knowing that they are loved.

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