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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Mar 14, 2017

Take Pictures Often

We have cameras with us almost all the time.  This provides the opportunity to document our kids through pictures.  Take advantage of this blessing by snapping regular pictures of your kids and all their events and activities.  Make sure you save them and add notes along the way.  If you want to go a little crazy, like I did, you can even create a website.

We use social sites like Facebook to show off our kids all the time.  However, Facebook may not always be available.  Use multiple storage options to keep your pictures safe and accessible to your children decades from now.  Do not forget to add a little note or description to your pics along the way.  Just a few minutes a week spent on documenting photographs can help avoid the "who is that?" reaction to those photos in the future.  If nothing else, taking all those pictures makes it easy to build an awesome and embarrassing collage of photos for graduations. 

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