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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Mar 7, 2017

Parenting can quickly become an overwhelming job.  We have a full plate every day and become consumed with raising our children.  This is not all there is to life.  Schedule regular date nights with your spouse, or just for yourself.  These are times where you can get away from being a caregiver for an hour or two and allow yourself to relax.  Occasionally taking a long bath or hot shower is not enough.  Get out and have some discussions that go beyond your life as a parent.  This is at least as important for single parents as it is for couples.

A couple should use the date to focus on each other and keep alive the sparks that led to their marriage in the first place.  When Mommy and Daddy are happy life is better for the whole family.  As a single parent, it can become hard to think beyond your kids.  Use a date night to have some adult conversation and enjoy a little rest.  No matter what your parental situation is, you have earned a night off.

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