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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Feb 19, 2017

Getting Down on Their Level


We naturally get down on the same level as our children when they are very young.  When they crawl, we crawl.  We adjust our vision to see what they are looking at.  This desire to see life through our kid's eye needs to exist throughout their lives.  It may seem hard to get to the same place our children are as they get older.  However, practice makes perfect.  They will have different interests and schedules.  This should not stop us from joining them and being a steady presence in their life.  Yes, it is a little thing to do.  The payoff is amazing.  When we are the parent that always connects with our children, we will be more of a comfort when they need us.  We may even be able to see trouble coming and use our connection with them to help them avoid some of life's pains.  In any case, a little empathy never hurt.

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