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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Feb 16, 2017

Faith, Family, and Friends

In order to get through our darkest times, we have to lean on others. As we continue the interview with Michelle West we talk about how faith played its part, how the family came together, and how friends offered support. This network of love and prayers helped them through their toughest times. We also look at how paying it forward can help as the family turns to opportunities to help others. They find out that even though their journey has been difficult, they can find a silver lining and help others facing similar difficulties.

The story continues with some difficult days and tough situations as Tyler went through treatments.  There were some scary times.  However, they made it through and found ways to keep things as normal as possible for the rest of the family.  Those dark times even lead to some great moments when they saw a chance for Tyler to get through it all and one day live the life of a normal child.  Learn more at his facebook page or better yet, give a little to St. Jude and help them fight for others like Tyler.

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