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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Feb 9, 2017

Fighting Cancer is not Fun

Tyler West was a normal first grader until he was diagnosed with Leukemia.  In this episode, we continue a talk with his mother about the struggles and pains he and his family faced.  We look at how fighting cancer is a family struggle.  It is not all bad though because we see how a family helps lend strength to the afflicted and shares in the struggles as well as victories.

This is not an easy story to hear, but it is a great view into the strength even young children can have.  We talk about Tyler's sisters and their reactions as well as other family members.  All of this combines to weave a story of help coming from unexpected places.  On the lighter side, we look at the origin of the #suckitcancer tag used in Tyler updates.  It may seem a crude phrase, but cancer is a crude disease so it can get over itself.  Learn more at his facebook page or better yet, give a little to St. Jude and help them fight for others like Tyler.


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