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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Feb 23, 2017

Best Day Ever

In part three of the interview with Michelle Angelici West we cover the post-chemo aftermath.  We talk about Tyler being pronounced clean from cancer, the best birthday gift, and the new normal for the family.  Surviving cancer takes a lot out of you, but when you beat it, you have an appreciation for life.  Tyler is no exception to this rule.

The travel that was restricted for years has now returned to the family.  There are side effects and concerns for Tyler due to all the chemo treatments.   Also, there is the fear of cancer returning.  However, the trials and tribulations the family has gone through reinforced their embrace of the time we have together.  This painful chapter in their lives is only a chapter and we see them looking forward with renewed vigor.  There are sympathy and sadness for those that have not had this happy ending.  However, Tyler looks ahead to living a life that honors them all.  If you have a fifth grader, you will be happy to hear that Tyler has grown into a normal kid in many ways.  All the stress, worry, and sadness of the years has been washed away by a smiling, healthy young man that is ready to change the world.

Learn more at his Facebook page or better yet, give a little to St. Jude and help them fight for others like Tyler.

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