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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Feb 7, 2017

Playing Favorites

It is part of our human nature to have favorites.  This extends to our children as well.  It is important to be clear that liking a child differently is not related to our love for them.  We do not love a child more because we like to go fishing with them (rather than a dance recital).  Nor do we base our love on which children go to the movies we like.  It is not recommended that we tell the children how they rank.  Particularly since (in my case anyway) that ranking changes based on whether a child is being difficult on any given day.  However, we should be aware of any favoritism we might show.  This awareness guides us to make extra effort to find "quality time" with the children that are harder to hang around with.

Our children are similar to us, but not identical.  The differences are what make each child a unique blessing.  Of course, we can always struggle through activities just to satisfy a child.  However, we often will find that "sacrifice" leads us to a greater appreciation for those activities.  Our expanding love for our children can often result in expanding our lives as well.