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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Feb 2, 2017

Worst Day Ever

Part One of the interview with Michelle Angelici West.  She is a mother that shares a life story that we wish upon no one.  This is a tough story to hear about a child fighting Leukemia.  However, it has a happy ending.  This tale shows that even young children can stand tall against adversity.
In this episode, we talk about the worst day ever.  We start with the day she learned her baby boy had cancer.  We also discuss accepting charity, giving back, and start on the story of Tyler West.    You can learn more about them by searching for #suckitcancer on facebook and twitter.  Spend a few moments with their news and you will quickly see why the entire family is such a positive influence on myself and countless others.  At some point life will give us lemons, this is 
The Tyler West story is much easier to follow now that we can do so without fear of a turn for the worse.  Check out his incredible history on his facebook page at
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