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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Sep 10, 2017

Audio is Important in Capturing Memories

We all have cameras on us almost all of the time.  Thanks to modern technology, our phones are a great way to capture and even document our lives.  I have seen this with my ever-growing number of family pictures.  Every year we add more year over year and pile up the memories.  However, pictures are just part of the story.  When you capture audio and (better yet) video with audio you can capture complete memories that are invaluable as time goes by.

In this episode, I was reminded of the value of decades old audio of childish words and laughter.  These short recordings opened whole storerooms of memories and helped take me back to when the kids were younger and cuter.  Take a few steps now to provide yourself with a great trip down memory lane in the future.

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