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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Jul 30, 2017

Incremental Improvement

Whether we look out ourselves or our children, there is a desire to get better.  We may strive for perfection, but we all know that is impossible.  Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to push ourselves and our children to at least become "the best."  However, this also is not really feasible.  It also is a big goal to lay on anyone.  Instead, let's work on building habits that allow us to become better day by day.  This approach is much more achievable and can still lead to great results.  It just takes time.

Every journey can be broken down into a series of steps.  We can look at this fact to provide into accomplishing any goal.  Even the big, dreamer kind of goals we like to place on our children.  Instead of focusing on the big goals, focus on the steps to advance towards a goal or goals.  This provides regular victories and easily achievable goals that avoid burnout and discouragement.

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