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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

May 16, 2017

Unmasking The Imposter

Imposter syndrome is a state where someone successful sees a situation as surreal.  It may be a dinner in their honor, a speech in front of a large crowd, or a championship win.  This fear or flash of uncertainty can occur in people that are wildly successful and seem ultimately confident.  In this episode, we look at some potential reasons behind this sort of reaction.  We follow up with some ways to raise children that do not have this reaction.  Although this is a minor syndrome at times, it can be damaging.  Luckily, it is one that may be easily avoided.

Thus, we return to some discussions of self-confidence and how to instill it in our children.  We look at building a work ethic and creating comfort from the fruits of our labor.   This focus on how success has been earned can provide a solid foundation.  How we achieve success may include luck, but that does not mean we do not deserve to be there.


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