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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Mar 5, 2017

Sometimes our children are treated as an extreme.  Either perfectly good or perfectly evil.  In these cases where a child can do no wrong or do no right, they are not given the respect they deserve.  They also will not learn valuable skills for later in life.  As parents, we are more likely to treat our children as a golden child.  However, just as others may be too easy on our kids, we may be too hard on them.

Both of these extremes create a "bubble" for the child that is a disservice to them.  When you allow failure, you provide opportunities to learn and gain wisdom.  When you praise success, you provide reinforcement of desired behavior.  We are not Pavlov's dogs, but we still need a pat on the back when we do good, and a thump on the nose when we do bad.  Children are even more susceptible to this form of feedback because they are still trying to figure things out in life.

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