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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Mar 2, 2017

God, Guilt, and Grants

We wrap up the interview with Michelle West with a brief discussion of how her faith carried her through the darkest days.  Then, we shift gears and look ahead at higher education options.  There is a lot of money available for those that have been impacted by cancer so we touch on a few ways to find them.  We also touch on how advisors and counselors provided for those struggling can be a large blessing.

We mentioned a Google search for cancer-related scholarships.  However, the site, is a great start.  It lists several options and is worth a look for anyone impacted by cancer.  St. Jude has been mentioned throughout this interview series and they are an incredible group of caregivers.  I have never met anyone that did not find them to be top-notch in skills and bedside manner.  You can learn more or donate at

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