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Blessing Not Stressing - Happy Parenting

Sep 3, 2017

Sometimes it Helps to Vent

Everyone and their brother have been voicing their opinion about white supremacy groups and racism.  I guess it is my turn.  This is not a very educational episode.  However, it is a plea for embracing those different from you.  They outnumber you roughly the population of the Earth to one.  I also think that spewing hate back at those that display hate does not serve a purpose.

I apologize for a deviation from our normal topics, but it seems like an attempt to be a voice of reason could be helpful.  Whether you agree with my position or not, we are a planet of individuals and the bigotry you use against others can easily come back at you.  Learn to view each other's humanity instead of our differences and your life will be far happier and more full.

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